It just blows my mind how people can spend a zillion hours, starting early in the year, by putting up Christmas lights and displays on their homes and in their gardens.

The spectacular lit up Christmas houses and yards certainly make for a magical Christmas feast to your eyes - no matter what your age!

Here are some of my favorite houses, yards and gardens with sensational Christmas light decorations.

Thank you to all the Christmas home lights enthusiasts for helping to make Christmas SO special!

1. Did they need a fireman's truck ladder to decorate the tree?!
2. Subtle, minimalistic and SO effective!
3. Christmas palm tree lights look like fireworks!
4. How many Frosty's?
5. A Christmas nativity scene in the front yard!
6. Christmas home holiday lights.
7. Reindeer grazing in the garden...
8. Festive home holiday display!
9. Awesome house and garden Christmas lights.
10. A classic Christmas touch!
11. Merry Christmas from Santa in the garden!
12. Simple and neat home and garden Christmas lights.
13. Christmas lights house silhouette.
14. Welcome home, up the Christmas path!
15. Christmas home nutcracker theme.
16. A summer Christmas home.
17. A Christmas fairy tale home.
18. Wish you a Merry Christmas house.
19. Christmas homes in a row.
20. A winter Christmas home in the snow.
21. Outdoor Christmas lights maketh the home!
22. A Christmas home lodge.
23. Christmas European home sweet homes.
24. Just's Christmas!
25. Christmas winter wonderland home!
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