A Christmas Lullaby

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A Christmas Lullaby is a popular traditional Christmas carol beautifully sung by our Love to Sing choir. Sing along with the song lyrics - great for performances, concerts, choirs, church and at home. From our family to yours We Wish you a very Merry Christmas! 

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A Christmas Lullaby Lyrics
Hushaby, hushaby, Christmas stars are in the sky; Sweet the bells of Christmas Eve – Babies, each a kiss receive – Hushaby, goodnight, Hushaby, goodnight! Lullaby, lullaby, Babies in their cradles lie; Every one in white is gowned, Hush, make not a single sound! Lullaby, goodnight, Lullaby, goodnight! Rockaby, rockaby, Christmastide draweth nigh; Quiet now the tiny feet, Babies sleep so still and sweet – Sweetest dreams, goodnight, Sweetest dreams, goodnight!

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