Pohutukawa Tree

Pohutukawa Tree Kids Christmas Song - FREE Christmas Lyrics Download and FREE Christmas video song.

Kids Christmas action song Pohutukawa Tree with lyrics. A Pohutukawa Tree is a Christmas tree in New Zealand! Children will love to sing and dance along with the song and learn how a tree grows from a seed. Great for Christmas performances, concerts, school and at home. Merry Christmas!


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Pohutukawa Tree Lyrics
I am a Pohutukawa seed, Plant me in the ground and water me. Plenty of sunshine is what I need, Then guess what you will see? Out will shoot a tiny twig And it will continue to grow so big, Beautiful flowers of whero, The native tree of Aotearoa Chorus Pohutukawa tree, Pohutukawa tree, New Zealand’s Christmas tree, You fill my heart with aroha, The native tree of Aotearoa

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