Why We Love Christmas Trees

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Why We Love Christmas Trees | Love to Sing

Why do we love Christmas trees? Christmas trees are universal!

Why Do We Decorate a Christmas Tree?

Why do we decorate a Christmas tree? It's a question that doesn't always have an answer. Some say it is because of the tradition, some say it is for religious purposes, and others may not know why at all. The reason behind this tradition varies from person to person, but one thing is certain: every December people are buying trees to put in their homes and stores alike.

How Did Christmas Trees Start?

Christmas trees are a tradition in many households around the world. But, how did they come to be? It all started with an ancient German pagan ritual called “Yule”. Yule was celebrated by decorating evergreen trees and lighting candles or lanterns on them. The tree represented life and its branches symbolized eternal life.

What Does a Christmas Tree Symbolize?

Do you know what the colors of lights on your Christmas tree stand for? White light is typically used at the very top and then green, blue, purple, red. The different colors represent Jesus’s life from birth to death. 

Christmas is the time of year when we gather together with friends and family to celebrate a holiday that has become the most popular cultural event in the world. 

Modern Day Christmas Trees

Today, Christmas trees come in all different shapes and sizes from traditional fir to artificial. The tradition of decorating a tree is embraced by millions of people worldwide of different faiths and cultures.

While it is still a symbol of Christianity to some, to others it is simply part of December celebrations.

Why Do We Put Christmas Presents Under the Christmas Tree?

It's a tradition that has been around for hundreds of years! Historically, it was believed that the spirit of Christmas would descend upon your home and bless your family if you left an empty space under your tree. This is why we leave one or two stocking-sized gifts sitting there.

Another main reason we have the custom of giving and receiving presents at Christmas, is to give thanks to the presents given to Jesus by the Three Wise Men: Frankincense, Gold and Myrrh. 

Do You Put Lights on a Christmas Tree First?

The first step in how to decorate a Christmas tree is adding the lights. Start at the base of the trunk and work your way up, wrapping lights around every major branch, moving from the trunk to the tip and back. Fluff the branches as you work your way around the tree.

How Do You Decorate a Christmas Tree?

A coordinated color scheme, large topper and oversized ornaments are the secrets to designer Christmas trees. Try using ornaments and ribbons in shades of gold, silver and white or a combination of copper, tan and silver to add style and sophistication when decorating Christmas trees.

Are there Christmas Tree Songs?

Yes, here are a selection of Christmas Tree songs:

  • O Tannenbaum (German) 
  • O Christmas Tree (English) is a German Christmas song. Based on a traditional folk song which was unrelated to Christmas, it became associated with the traditional Christmas tree by the middle of the 19th century and sung as a Christmas carol.

O Christmas Tree with lyrics from Love to Sing Christmas Songs and Carols.

Dum Dee Diddle Dee, Christmas Tree Lyrics

"Dum Dee Diddle Dee Dum Dee Dee, I can see a Christmas Tree, I'm as happy as I can be, Dum Dee Diddle Dee Dee." Is a kids Christmas song from Love to Sing's Christmas Songs and Carols catalogue. Children will love to sing and dance along!

You can find the full song by clicking here.

Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree

"Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree is a Christmas song written by Johnny Marks and recorded by Brenda Lee in 1958; it has since been recorded by numerous other music artists. By the song's 50th anniversary in 2008, Lee's original version had sold over 25 million copies with the 4th most digital downloads sold of any Christmas single."

I'm the Happiest Christmas Tree

I'm the Happiest Christmas Tree by Joe Stilgoe was written by Lee Cathy and was first recorded and released by Nat King Cole in 1959.


Christmas is about celebrating family, the spirit of giving and the the gift of life. This is all resembled by Christmas trees that are decorated with amazing baubles, lights, tinsel and other beautiful decorations. We love to decorate our Christmas tree with our family together.

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