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Linda Adamson and Tessa Adamson | Christmas Songs and Carols Love to Sing


A New Zealand mother and daughter team Linda Adamson and Tessa Adamson have created one of the world’s most popular Christmas channels Christmas Songs and Carols - Love to Sing; with over 1.02 million subscribers and over 650 million views on YouTube.

Christmas Songs and Carols - Love to Sing's website is a one stop Christmas hub where you can find a huge variety of Christmas music genres: classic Christmas songs, Christmas carols, traditional Christmas songs, Christmas instrumental music only, electronic hip hop and trap Christmas songs, gospel Christmas songs, Christmas country songs, Christmas pop songs, religious Christmas songs, holiday songs, hymns, Christmas rock songs, Christmas dance songs, Caribbean influenced reggae Christmas songs, easy listening Christmas songs, Christmas folk songs and even original Christmas songs. All of the songs come with free download lyrics.

Our Christmas hub also includes a Christmas countdown clock, a shop with Christmas and Carols - Love to Sing merchandise where you can purchase clothes and download albums with e-books. A Christmas Blog with everything from Christmas food recipes to any Christmas interests.

Linda and Tessa, combined, have a wealth of talent and expertise in the music field, as well as business and IT skills. Both have been inspired to use the power of music to spread Christmas joy all around the world.

Our YouTube channel’s biggest markets are the US, UK, India, Philippines, Canada and Australia. The Philippines are the first to come on board in the ‘Christmas year’ with shops starting to play Christmas songs in September. People who begin Christmas celebrations early are happier, according to scientists - "In a world full of stress and anxiety people like to associate with things that make them happy and Christmas music evokes those strong feelings of childhood."

Our YouTube channel, Christmas Songs and Carols - Love to Sing, is growing at a phenomenal rate! Christmas Eve can get over 10.3 million views in just a day. According to Social Blade which tracks the YouTube platform, their channel has ranked as high as 296 in the world beating other Christmas channels such as Michael Bublé.

Our Christmas videos include showing Christmas lyrics only, a scene of snow falling outside a quaint Christmas window, Christmas fireplaces and a Christmas decorated living room with a Christmas tree, Christmas candles burning down slowly, Christmas karaoke and Christmas dance choreography. The Christmas images and songs are so strong that they are like time machines that come back and visit each year!

Christmas is nostalgic! People love to feel connected and like wearing Christmas novelty clothes which are all the rage like Christmas 'onesies' and ugly Christmas sweaters. Linda and Tessa have created their own Christmas clothes range including Christmas tightsbeaniesT-shirts and more

There is no doubt that Christmas is a favorite time of the year. People’s memories are reawakened and families and friends get together to celebrate and reconnect. Merry Christmas!

Check out our Christmas Song Video Hub where you can watch all you favorite Christmas songs and carols.


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