Christmas Crackers Make Your Own!

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Christmas Crackers Make Your Own!

Christmas Crackers Are Fun!

It's always good fun to have Christmas crackers at a Christmas Breakfast, Christmas Lunch or Christmas dinner. The corny jokes, the Christmas hats, the useless plastic toys and trinkets... well this year how about you make your own Christmas crackers?

Why not! It's easy and fun to do and the kids will love to help in the lead up time to Christmas day - plus you can fill them with stuff you like!

How to Make Your Own Christmas Crackers:

Christmas crackers | Christmas Songs and Carols

All you need are some cardboard tubes, toilet paper rolls are ideal. You can buy cracker snaps, wrapping paper, ribbon or string, and double sided tape from a craft store.

Cut the paper into lengths and wrap around the rolls with a 4 cm overhang at each end to hide the cracker snaps. Secure with double sided tape and secure one end with ribbon or string.

Another option is to use 3 rolls per cracker securing the ends of the middle roll if you want want them to look more uniform. Place a cracker snap through each cracker.

Fill your Christmas crackers with sweets, chocolates, small toys or trinkets, confetti and Christmas jokes before securing the other end.

Merry Christmas!

Listen to our top Christmas Songs Playlist 120 Christmas Songs and Carols while you are making your own Christmas crackers :-)

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