Why We Love Christmas!

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Why We Love Christmas | Love to Sing
Why is Christmas our favorite time of the year? Is it the Christmas tree, wearing an ugly Christmas sweater, the beautiful Christmas decorations, twinkling Christmas lights, the giving and receiving of Christmas gifts, eating yummy Christmas food or singing along to Christmas songs, sharing Christmas with family and friends? 

The Feeling of Christmas Songs

Christmas music makes us feel happy! There are Christmas songs and carols in every music genre. It is believed that the first Christmas song was created in the 4th century and is a Latin hymn called “Jesus Refulsit Omnium”
The Feeling of Christmas Songs | Love to Sing

Christmas Decorations

Christmas decorations already get us into the joyful Christmas spirit vibe! Christmas trees, Christmas stockings, Christmas tinsel, Christmas baubles, Christmas mistletoe, and all things Christmas, fills us with a sense of nostalgia, happy memories and of creating more happy times together with family and friends!
we love Christmas decorations | Love to Sing
In most countries around the world, Christmas decorations and Christmas Trees start appearing in retail shops around October.
Santa in shop | Love to Sing

We love to give (and receive 😊) Christmas gifts

No matter what your age, everyone, LOVES a Christmas gift! We love receiving Christmas gifts but we also love giving Christmas presents. Many people actually say the BEST Christmas gift is being together with family and friends!
Christmas present image | Love to Sing

Eating Christmas food

Christmas time and Christmas food go together hand in hand! We love to share food with family and friend!
Family sharing Christmas lunch | Love to Sing
A Christmas Yule Log is a traditional dessert served near Christmas, especially in Belgium, France, Switzerland, Canada, Lebanon and several former French colonies such as Vietnam, the United Kingdom and Spain. The Christmas dessert is made of sponge cake to resemble a Yule log.
Christmas Yuletide Log | Love to Sing
In the Southern hemisphere Christmas is in the summertime. Countries like Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, the Pacific Islands and most of South America. Christmas barbecues can be a popular option!
Christmas barbecue | Love to Sing
Everybody loves Christmas cookies! Christmas cookies actually date back to medieval times when they were given as gifts.
Christmas cookies | Love to Sing

Wearing silly Christmas sweaters and Christmas clothing

There is a growing trend around the world for people wearing Christmas sweaters, Christmas pajamas, ugly Christmas sweaters, Christmas socks, Christmas onesies and all sorts of Christmas themed clothes!
Christmas ugly sweaters | Love to Sing
Who can resist quirky Christmas socks?
Christmas socks | Love to Sing
Get into your Christmas pajamas on Christmas Eve and wake up early to the excitement of finding Christmas presents under the tree and opening them - Merry Christmas! 
Christmas family in pyjamas | Love to Sing
You can even work out in Christmas Tights - there is such a variety of Christmas clothes!

Watching our favorite Christmas movies

Curl up, wear your ugly Christmas sweater, Christmas socks and sip on a mulled wine or eggnog then tune into your favorite Christmas movie. Watching Christmas movies makes us feel how the world should be!
Christmas Movies the best | Christmas Songs and Carols
Make watching these movies a must this Christmas season, it's a mixture for young and mature viewers:
There are a lot of reasons why we love Christmas. Christmas is the time of year where we can be with our loved ones, enjoy delicious food, and get some much needed rest. Getting together with people that you really care about around this time every year never gets old! So what do YOU love most?
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