Which Christmas Character Are You?

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Fun Which Christmas Character Are You Quiz by Love to Sing

Who is your christmas character? Buddy the Elf, jolly old Saint Nick (Santa), or the Grinch? You can be anyone you want to be this holiday season. With all the different traditions and festivities that are celebrated during the holidays, there are plenty of fun times for people to act out their favorite role.

Who is your Christmas character? That's the question we'll be answering in this Christmas character quiz! You can find out who you are by finding out what you love doing during the holiday season. So, let's get started!

My favorite characters: Santa Claus! I think he is like a big kid at heart because he loves to deliver presents to people around the world on Christmas Eve night. And who doesn't love presents? I know that I'm always excited when my prezzies come in the mail or show up on my doorstep. He also has a love for cookies and milk (or hot chocolate) during his trip around the world! 

So, who are you? Rudolph, Buddy the Elf, the Grinch or jolly old Saint Nick (Santa)? No matter what character you identify with most during this time of year, there's plenty for you to enjoy. We hope that our quiz was able to help give an idea about which Christmas character best suits your interests and personality. Happy holidays and Merry Christmas from Love to Sing!

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