Christmas and Snow - Why I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas

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Christmas and Snow Why I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas | Christmas Songs and Carols

Dreaming of a White Christmas

Many people celebrating Christmas in the winter dream of waking up to a white Christmas.

Why do we have such a strong emotional connection between Christmas and snow? Because of ingrained stories, poems, images and songs.

Books such as Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol published in 1843 and Clement Clarke Moore's poem Twas the Night Before Christmas are filled with references to snow and ice creating a Christmas history. “The nostalgia of a cozy, wintry Christmas season extends into artwork of that time period as well.” In 1863, Thomas Nast created an illustration of St Nicholas dressed for the cold in his warm red suit. This is still the image we have as St Nicholas and Santa Claus as we know him today.

Nostalgic Christmas Songs

Even though Jingle Bells (1822) and Frosty the Snowman (1950) song lyrics do not mention Christmas, the snow and happy times have created a sense of an ideal, traditional Christmas holiday. Classic Christmas songs like Winter Wonderland (1934), White Christmas (1942), Let it Snow (1945), and Sleigh Ride (1948) have also epitomized a perfect wintry Christmas.

No matter if you celebrate Christmas in the summertime, people love seeing images of Christmas and snow! Christmas Songs and Carols – Love to Sing, one of YouTube’s top Christmas channels, have popular Christmas music playlists accompanied with snow falling videos. So cozy up, sing along and fill your heart with the joy of Christmas. Merry Christmas!

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